Welcome to the inaugural MEAT YOUR MAKER; a one day ‘Fleshtival’ celebration of artisan, ethical and sustainable carnivory.

With a widening disconnect between the meat we eat and the animals they come from, MYM is about putting you in front of the small, artisan growers who make all the delicious food. 

It’s about celebrating the ‘real’ food heroes; the farmers and the delicious animals they raise. It’s about understanding the challenges they face and how you can make a difference.

MYM isn’t about excessive consumption. It’s about knowing more about what you eat and how you fit into the food chain. And giving you the tools to help support our farmers.

Meat isn’t something that comes from a plastic packet. It comes from animals that are raised with care.


Exactly as it sounds. A market where you’ll meat (ahem) and greet the TRUE food heroes; the artisan farmers and growers. Get to know where they’re from, their animals and buy and taste the results. Beef, lamb, pork, poultry and more.


Hosted by RICHARD CORNISH, these in depth discussions are where you can chew the fat and get down to the bone with local growers, and those in the know, about the current state of play of the beef, lamb, pork, poultry and dairy industries.

What does ‘sustainable’ actually mean? What about organics? What is the true cost of the food we eat? What are the real challenges farmers face and how can YOU make a real difference?


No festival is complete without a feast. And a feast should be a celebration of the whole beast; nose to tail. Having met the growers you’ll then get to taste their finest right there on the day. 

Want to know more about butchery, salumi making and more? Then head to the demo theatre where MEAT SMITH’s Troy Wheeler will show you how to break down beasts, and chef MATT WILKINSON shows you tips and hints for the kitchen. If small goods is your thing, then Michael Nunn of Salt Kitchen is there to show you how you can make your own at home.


Hosted by the wonderful ALICE IN FRAMES, the MILK BAR is where you’ll find the best of cheese, butter, milk and all the delicious dairy goodness from local and artisan producers.

Sample the best milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt and learn how you can actively support the dairy industry.


Oh. And of course there will be wine, SAMPLE BREW, local cider and gin from local growers. It wouldn’t be a Bottle Shop Concepts event without it.

We’re putting together a little range of wines together to enjoy in collaboration with our good sommelier friend Campbell Burton.

All will be available to enjoy by the glass alongside your lunch.