You care about what you eat. You care about the farmers who grow it. But do you know the real story and the challenges farmers face? How can you make informed decisions if you don’t know the facts?

There is no meat in the MEAT OUT sessions but there will be plenty to chew over and much to digest. You’ll hear first hand from the farmers and growers about the current state of play of their industries to help better inform you and guide you in your food choices.

Hosted by food writer RICHARD CORNISH, each 45 minute panel discussion will get right down to the bones of the challenges faced to help you better understand the state of play and how you can make a difference.

Ethics, sustainability (both environmentally and economically), organics, biodynamics, free range, grass or grain fed; what do they all mean?

You can only help if you’re informed.


11am: BEEF

You may know the various cuts of beef but do you know how many per beast? Why grass fed? What is the best age to eat them? What are the real challenges in production; economically, sustainably and environmentally?

PANELISTS INCLUDE: James Lord (Huon Valley Meat Co), Daniela Molica (Isola Chianina), Neil Prentice (Moondarra)

12.15pm: LAMB

What actually is lamb? How is it defined and how is it available all year round? What are the breeds and how can we make the most of these beasts?

PANELISTS INCLUDE: Anna Kelly (Plains Paddock), Jackie Carr (Heritage Sheep) with more to come

1.45pm: POULTRY

Do you know the difference between chickens for eggs and chicken for meat? What are the systems in place to look after chickens? What does ‘free range’ actually mean and what are the differences?

PANELISTS INCLUDE: Bruce Burton (Milking Yard Farms), Paul Righetti (REAL EGGS), Great Ocean Ducks

3pm: PORK

Is there anything more delicious than pork? But what is the current state of play? What are the breeds to look out for? How can we best support quality pig farmers?

PANELISTS INCLUDE: Lauren Mathers (Bundarra Berkshire), Katy Brown (Glen Eyrie), Tammi Jonas (Jonai Farms)

4.15pm: DAIRY

Milk at $2 a litre is one of the cheapest everyday grocery products by volume.   But it is only a small part of a wider industry. Think cheese, butter, yoghurt and more. There are many challenges dairy farmers face but what are they? How can you help and make a difference? This will be your chance to hear the real story.

PANELISTS INCLUDE: Vicki Jones (Mountain View Organic), Yarra Valley Dairy, Naomi Ingleton (King Valley Dairy), Ben Evans (St David’s Dairy)